Molly's love of music began at a very young age, ever since she started to sing. Over the years, she has learned to play piano, guitar, and is starting to teach herself the drums! Molly's taste in music varies-she loves listening to top 40 pop hits, 80's music, and recently has started to enjoy new country artists.


Molly released her first album in the summer of 2018, with the main track titled "2B10". This song was written by Molly and her Dad, and is all about Molly turning ten years old. After that, the songs began flowing! In early 2019, Molly released her second album, "I Am Me", Since then, she has put out six singles titled "Someone Like You", "Live Your Life", "Ready For Summertime", "Color Outside The Lines", “Lemonade”, and “Even If”.  These songs are about living life to the fullest, being unique and not worrying about what others think about you, and looking for the positives in negative situations. She loves working in the studio, as well as performing live. Molly has had the pleasure of working with producer MVRK Henry, Sleepy Hollow Studios, Marco Gonzalez at Still Water Studios, Jeff Covert at Wally Cleavers studios, and amazing guitarist Josh Dixon. 


Molly has a new release coming out February 9th 2021, titled "Go With The Flow"! Scroll down to listen to a sneak peek!

Molly is inspired by many female artists who write, sing, and play their own music such as Kacey Musgraves, Selena Gomez, Brynn Elliott, Olivia Rodrigo, and Taylor Swift.

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Go With The Flow




My Dreams

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Even If


About Molly

Molly is a seventh grade honor roll student, who puts time into both academics and music. She discovered a love for the stage by participating in open mic nights, and multiple musicals through school. Molly enjoys working with her peers to create a fun experience for the audience! Throughout the years, she has learned the importance of community service, giving back, and coming out of her comfort zone to try new things. This reflects in her efforts with music. She has started to record music videos and has done many lyric videos for her original songs, which you can find on her youtube channel, Molly Baker.


Giving Back

Chemo Care Bags

In the summer of 2016, Molly's mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Molly soon learned the seriousness of this disease, and the importance of giving back to the local cancer center. She has donated "Chemo Care Bags" to people to help their chemo treatment go by a little easier. These bags are filled with little knickknacks and lots of love!


Little Libraries

Molly’s love of music is matched by her love of reading. Over the years, she has donated three Little Free Libraries to her community. These allow both kids and adults access to free books, which is a way she can share her passion for reading.


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